Shopify Integration

How to Configure Netgiro as Payment Gateway in Shopify

1) Click here and login to Shopify to get invitation for Netgiro's payment gateway.

2) In the Shopify admin interface add Netgiro by clicking the "Add payment gateway" button.

Add Netgiro

3) On the Payments settings page select Netgiro as an "Alternative payment".

Select Netgiro as alternative payment

4) Copy/Paste the ApplicatioID and SecretKey codes.

- For TESTING check "Use Test Mode" and use the following codes:

  • ApplicationID: 881E674F-7891-4C20-AFD8-56FE2624C4B5

  • SecretKey:
  • YCFd6hiA8lUjZejVcIf/LhRXO4wTDxY0JhOXvQZwnMSiNynSxmNIMjMf1HHwdV6cMN48NX3ZipA9q9hLPb9C1ZIzMH5dvELPAHceiu7LbZzmIAGeOf/OUaDrk2Zq2dbGacIAzU6yyk4KmOXRaSLi8KW8t3krdQSX7Ecm8Qunc/A=

Note! when testing, orders are subject to Shopify's transaction fees. You need to cancel the order within Shopify to avoid the fee.
See: Placing a test order

- For PRODUCTION codes you need to login to the provider's portal and get the codes from the settings portal page

Note that when using production codes "Use Test Mode" may NOT be checked, otherwise you'll get a security error.

Enter codes

5) Click Activate.

6) Click here to see the testing guideline on how to proceed with testing.

Note. If you have a credit card payment gateway from Borgun or Valitor it might disappear when adding Netgiro. Then you need to reselect the respective payment gateway and re-activate it in Shopify. See Borgun's documentation for more info