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Please take a look at our styleguide, where you can download the logo in various formats. Here below you can also download Zip files with the most common types:

Download linkDescription
logosSet of netgiro logos in multiple sizes you can use when integrating netgiro.
logos in SVG formatSet of netgiro logos in SVG format.
Path to Netgiro logo (Size 100) =>

Netgíró loader screen

Screen with branding elements and a text to which purpose is to give user information that web-shop is contacting Netgíró payment service (Netposi). In case that connection fails, user can click on a link ("Tengist Netgíró") to establish a connection to Netgíró.

Download linkDescription
logoLogo format used in the design.
loaderLoader used in the design.
Implementation example - DesktopExample of how the loader screen should look on desktop.
Implementation example - MobileExample of how the loader screen should look on mobile.
Text required on the screen: "Við sendum þig innan skamms. Tengjumst Netgíró till að klára greiðsluna Tengist Netgíró…"

Netgíró Partial Payments Widget

Netgíró branded widget that calculates the lowest possible installment for a given amount.

Link to referenceDescription
Compact widget scriptLibrary for compact widget that needs to be referenced before sending in the request for a calculation.
In order to get our calculations, you need to send in following parameters:

amountNumberValid values: from 9900 to 1000000
containerIdStringElement on the page that will contain the widget. Query selector will select the first element matching the CSS selector on the document. Widget's width will adjust to the container.
If either of the parameters are invalid, widget won't be generated on your pages.

Example :

NetgiroCalculator({amount: 10000, containerId: "#widget-wrapper"})

Calculations API

Netgiro exposes public API that you can use to calculate partial payments in Netgiro


Download linkDescription
Demo projectsDemo projects showing integration with Netgiro on ASP.NET MVC project.
Html demo projectDemo project showing integration with Netgiro using only html and javascript.

Web Shop Plugins

Our eCommerce Plugins use the iFrame and POST integration way described in the documentation.

If the plugin you need is not listed here, please contact us at

Download linkDescriptionLast UpdatedDetails
CS cartCS cart plugin14.06.2019Version 4 created
DrupalDrupal integration guide10.07.2018 
DynamicwebDynamicweb integration available through a partner.17.10.2019Please contact us for further details.
JoomlaSee VirtueMart below  
MagentoMagento plugin07.01.2014 
Magento 2Available on the Magento Marketplace30.09.2019For Magento 2
nopCommerceAvailable on the nopCommerce Marketplace10.09.2019For versions 3.90 and 4.20
OpenCartOpenCart plugins5.12.2017 
PrestaShopPrestaShop plugins4.4.2017 
ShopifyShopify integration guide28.01.2017 
VirtueMartVirtuemart (Joomla) plugin31.08.2015 
Woocommerce (Wordpress)Latest Woocommerce plugin27.10.2019 
Woocommerce (Older versions)Older Woocommerce plugins for download15.03.2018 

Netgíró API

Full api reference can be found at . For now there is only .NET wrappers for API calls, soon there will be for all platforms. Also .NET wrappers are listed in NuGet, so it's easy to version and get them.

API Wrappers

Download linkDescriptionLast UpdatedDetails
API Wrapper 3.5API wrapper for .NET 3.502.02.2016 
API Wrapper 4.0API wrapper for .NET 

POS Modules

If you need to create your own POS integration for systems running on Windows you can use our .NET POS module. It's quite convenient method for fast and secure integration. The whole payment workflow is at hand with few lines of code in your system. See the .NET POS module documentation for more info. We also have a module written in Delphi available.

Download linkDescriptionLast UpdatedDetails
.NET POS module 3.2.NET POS module (version 3.2). Supports .NET 3.5 and .NET 4.0+29.04.2019 
.NET POS module 3.0 - Documentation.NET POS module (version 3.0) documentation18.03.2019 

Installable POS modules based on your system

We support all the major POS systems in Iceland. Please contact us for details and download packages based on your system version.

Download linkDescriptionLast UpdatedDetails
Dynamics AxMicrosoft Dynamics Ax  
DKdkPos and dk iPos  
LS Retail 6LS Retail 6 (LS NAV 2009)  
LS Retail 8 - LS Retail 10Module for various LS Retail versions (LS NAV 2013-2017)  
Business Central / NAV 2018 (VERSION Central / NAV 2018 module27.09.2019V. - Setup improvements
Business Central / NAV 2018 (VERSION - Not available)Business Central / NAV 2018 module22.08.2019V. - Simplified store setup
SagaPOSSagaPOS from Strikamerki/Origo  


Netposi is Netgíró's POS web only solution. You need to be registered Netgíró partner to use it.

Download linkDescription
Netposi manualQuick instructions to get you up and running in no time - the quickest way to start charging Netgíró users.